A Graduate Specialization in Clinical Psychology made possible through the partnership of the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour, the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences and St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
Admission Requirements:

Enrollment in the Psychology RCT stream is limited: Admission will be limited to 4-5 PhD students entering the Psychology PhD program each year. Students at the Master's level may only enter our department in the experimental program. Entry spots to the Masters program are decided by the PNB Graduate Studies Committee.

Entry spots to the RCT PhD stream are decided by the PNB Graduate Studies Committee in conjunction with the RCT Admissions committee. There is no RCT masters stream, nor is any masters student guaranteed promotion to the PhD level and/or entry into the RCT program.

Individuals interested in the RCT stream are asked to indicate so on their grad application - and highlight their clinical research interests in their statement of interest.

Importantly, the applicant’s proposed area of thesis research should focus on an area relevant to clinical psychology questions/issues. A list of potential RCT supervisors may be found in About Us .

Interviews are conducted with Psychology RCT committee members to ensure the above criteria are met. Typically, interviews are scheduled in the spring term prior to entry into the program in the subsequent fall term.

Upon Admission

Once admitted to the program stream, students must continue to meet PNB curricular and research training requirements, while also undertaking additional graduate coursework and practica training.
PLEASE BE ADVISED: the application deadline for the RCT stream is (Dec 10, 2022).